Are you tired of the restaurant night headache? All the work you put into promoting the event and enticing your members to attend just to get 10-20% of the sales? In contrast, hosting a magic show will earn your organization 3 times more money for the same amount of effort!

Hosting a magic show is a far better alternative to hosting a restaurant night. Magic shows are universally popular with children & families. In addition, your organization has the option to do additional activities (such as a raffle or concessions) at the event to increase your revenue.

How much money can we make?
With a restaurant night, if you are able to attain $1000 in sales the restaurant will eventually send you a check for $100-$200. By hosting a magic show, that same $1000 will earn you $600 (or more) and you receive the money the same night! 


Magic Show

Risk Free!
60% (or more) of sales
get funds immediately
Affordable Pricing
Everyone sits together


Restaurant Night

Risk Free
10% - 20% of sales
wait weeks to get funds
Expensive for families
Your group is separated

About me and the show

Your members and families will laugh and cheer at this energetic and unique mixture of comedy magic, upbeat music and other surprises. Voted “Best Entertainer” four years in a row,  I have entertained families from around the world and have twice performed in China!   

Which groups do I work with?

Any organization that works with children and youth. Schools, PTA's, Churches, Scouts, Youth Leagues, etc

Another benefit is the “stealth factor.” You don't have to call it a fundraiser! Parents are tired of fundraisers but are always on the lookout for a fun and affordable family experience. Plus, a magic show will be attractive to the entire community, making it easy to sell tickets to families outside of your membership!


What I provide:

A fun 45 or 60 minute comedy magic show.
A booklet filled with strategies and tips.
Poster & marketing materials to help with advertising.
Access to online ticket sales, upon request. (additional cost)

What you provide:

The venue - (auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, rec room, etc. basically anywhere you can seat 200 or more people and have room for the show.)
Advertising, ticket sales and event staff (about 6-8 ppl).

Where do I perform?

Northern VA
PA - South Central & South East
WV - North East
I can also schedule road trips for other regions.  


What is the cost?

option 1

Pay a set fee for the show and keep all of the profits! If you wish, you may do additional activities to increase your revenue.
Good choice for expected ticket sales of $1500 or more (example - 60 families purchasing a $25 family pass)

option 2

Risk Free! You pay nothing upfront!
You receive 60% of ticket sales and 100% of money raised through additional activities.
Good choice for expected ticket sales of less than $1500

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